Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences Henry Forman Atkinson Dental Museum

Dental drill, S.S. White

Cast iron, steel and copper
Catalogue no. 853

Electric engine with normal cable arm and slip joint driven by a cord from an electric motor mounted on a four leg cast iron stand, each with rubber tyre wheel. Not casters. Motor connected to foot control giving changes in rotation and speed. Foot control has flat sliding contacts. Connection from motor to small wall cabinet for operating electric plugger, cautery and mouth lamp (dental mirror). Motor mounted on polished wood base bearing a plate reading, "The SS White Dental Manufacturing Company. SSW (Monogram in diamond). No 309. Patented Dec 8.87. Aug 15.93. Dec 25. 93. English Jan 1.94". Motor consists of a large cast iron frame in two parts with central field coil. Armature double wound with standard communicator and slip rings fitted with adjustable carbon brushes. Drive from motor through ¼ inch round leather belt to countershaft on resistance cage possible driving cooling fan. Armature lubricated with grease caps. All enclosed in a metal cover.

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